Cityscape of Jerusalem
A trip to this dramatically diverse country feels like a walk though history.
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West Asia

Ancient Ruins Abound, But These Countries Are Bursting with Life


A trip to this dramatically diverse country feels like a walk though history. Visit haunting landscapes surrounding the Dead Sea, famous temples and mosques, mesmerizing Arab bazaars and Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim quarter, or spend the day shopping in one of the modern complexes the city’s newfound marriage with luxury has embraced.

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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has played an important role in the history of many religions. Travelers lucky to experience the country in a time of peace can still visit Greco-Roman ruins, sites that leap from the pages of the Old and New Testament as well as early examples of Arab military architecture.

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Straddling the middle ground between Asia and Europe, Turkey boasts more Greek ruins than Greece and surpasses Italy in the sheer number of Roman archaeological sites. Whether you come to Turkey for its history, food, Mediterranean beaches or culture, you’ll quickly discover why it calls itself the Cradle of Civilization.

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Whether you want to travel Asia or travel Europe, Turkey is the place for you. Straddling two continents in a region better known as Eurasia, Turkey is technically in both Europe and Asia.

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