Glass front of airport with road out front. Another road running directly underneath it and then a road running toward and underneath the airport.
The airport recently became the first to offer a therapy pig named Lulu who helps calm down weary and nervous travelers.
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These 7 Airports in the USA Have the Best Service and Amenities

Who Knew Airports Could Be Stress-Free?

If you end up stuck because of delays or on a long layover at an airport, it doesn’t have to be miserable — if you’re in one of America’s best that is.

Instead of simply killing time playing on your smartphone or reading magazines, you can cuddle up to a therapy pig, gaze at tropical fish in an aquarium, indulge in spa treatments, dine on fabulous gourmet cuisine and so much more.

Thought stress and frustration were inevitable when it came to airports? You might want to give these best airports in the US a try!

San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco’s international airport has been ranked number one for its unique services and best overall concessions program among major North American airports by Airport Revenue News. The airport even recently became the first to offer a therapy pig – Lulu, who wears unique outfits like tutus and dons red-painted toenails, greets passengers to help calm their weary nerves.

SFO also hosts the world’s first accredited airport art museum, which displays more than 20 temporary exhibits and 65 permanent works of art. It’s easy to stay connected here too, with free WiFi throughout the airport as well as plenty of cellphone charging stations and power outlets.

You can also enjoy some of the city’s quintessential clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl from Boudin in Terminal 3. Want to make your experience even better? Make sure you book a flight on one of America’s best airlines to finish off your uncannily amazing airport experience with an equally enjoyable flight.

Hallway with windows on both sides and seats on the left.There are two massage bar locations in the airport — a perfect way to unwind after a long flight or pass the time while waiting to board!Photo Credit: Getty Images

Sea-Tac International Airport, Seattle, Washington

Sea-Tac, situated halfway between Seattle and Tacoma, is a unique standout with business travelers and techies, thanks to its free WiFi access and large number of charging ports and stations. Art is strategically placed throughout the airport with more than 100 pieces from the Port of Seattle’s Art Collection.

If you’re sore after a long flight, indulge in the Massage Bar with two locations, at the C and N gates, and you can even enjoy a moment of silence in the Meditation Room. Occasionally, live music is hosted by the Experience the City of Music Program too.

If hunger pangs hit, enjoy delicious Pacific Northwest seafood, including local oysters and fish tacos with wild Alaskan king salmon, at Anthony’s Restaurant.

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Large room with clock hanging from ceiling and two squares of carpet with tree in middle and benches around edges. Departure boards up on the walls.SAV was once named one of the country's "happiest airports."Photo Credit: Savannah Hilton Head International

Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport

SAV is easy to get around, fairly small, and it was once named one of the country’s “happiest airports.” It has an intimate, inviting layout, and travelers can dine on crab cakes at Phillips Seafood, as well as shop for cigars and golf gear.

Conde Nast Readers’ Choice Awards survey recently recognized it as America’s fifth best domestic airport.

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