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Caught up in the adventure, you smile more and walk with a certain confidence, ready to be swept off your feet.
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Tips for Hooking up and Falling in Love While Traveling

There’s Nothing Quite Like Romance on the Road

Travel sets the stage for romance. When you venture somewhere new, your senses are heightened and your mind is open to experiences, people and possibilities. Caught up in the adventure, you smile more and walk with a certain confidence, ready to be swept off your feet.

You will be at your bravest and most enthusiastic and that sparkling energy is attractive. To travel is to flirt with the world. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself flashing a grin at that cute Australian in your hostel, or your charming local tour guide.

There are two types of love that you find on the road. First, there’s the fun fling that won’t last longer than your weekly Metro pass and isn’t meant to. It is an enjoyable connection between two people who will likely never meet again.

Then, there’s the travel romance that turns into something more. This happens when you forge a bond with someone who is worth going the distance for.

Tips for Travel Hookups

Whether they last a month, a week or just one night, a travel hookup can be quite a thrill. Meeting a hot stranger and enjoying their company can enhance your experience in any destination. Plus, you’ll have an advantage because you will be the enticing, exotic one with a sexy accent.

So what’s the answer to how to hook up while traveling — and, more importantly, how to make sure the experience is a positive one? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

To start, use the same strategies you would when trying to meet people while traveling in general. Start conversations! Be open, curious, friendly and ask questions. A friendly smile is understood in every country in the world.

Ask a local to teach you something about their culture, such as how to say something in their language or how to cook a traditional dish. You’ll learn something and they will enjoy sharing their culture with you.

Stay in a hostel. There will be a great social environment that will make it easy to meet people. If the sparks fly with someone, you can always pay a bit extra and treat yourselves to a private room for the night.

When it comes to casual sex, always be respectful and considerate, even if your connection only lasts one night. Just because you won’t see the person again doesn’t mean you should be unkind. Be honest and straightforward with them and respect their boundaries.

Remember the campsite rule for casual sex: you should leave your partner in better shape than you found them. This means you should both walk away from the encounter with a smile on your face and no negative emotions or stress.

Of course, always be safe! Keep condoms in your wallet so you are prepared, whether you are male or female. If you like a particular style or brand, bring some from home in case you can’t find them for sale abroad.

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When Travel Romance Turns Into Something More

While backpacking New Zealand in 2009, I never thought I would meet a charming Englishman and that our love would continue to this day. The wonderful thing about falling in love while traveling is that they share your passion for adventures. You’ll bond over your shared enthusiasm and curiosity.

At first it is easy to overthink things and get stressed out wondering if it will work. What happens when you both have to go home to your respective countries? How would you ever make a long-term relationship a reality?

Your future with this person may be uncertain — but so is everything in life. You can’t know what is going to happen, so just enjoy the beautiful exhilaration of falling in love. Even if it doesn’t last forever you will be creating wonderful memories.

Falling in love makes every experience so beautiful and poetic, so don’t numb those feelings with worry. Fall in love fully and completely — trust yourself to figure out the logistics when the time comes.

That decision-making point will come and flights, visas and other restrictions will force you to make a choice. If you are from different countries, at least one of you will need to make an international move. Do you say goodbye or change your plans to stay together?

For me, it was worth it. I took a risk on a travel fling that ended up being the absolute best decision I have ever made. That was seven years ago and ever since then our lives have been one big adventure. Together we have explored more than 40 countries and seen some of the world’s most amazing sights.

This is the story of Lee and I — your travel love tale will be different, of course. But just because you met on the road doesn’t mean your love can’t stretch further than the end date on your visa if you want it to.

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