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On the bright side, a little bit of rain will make for brighter flowers and lusher greenery in any tropical setting.
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7 Ways to Enjoy a Rainy Day on a Beach Vacation

Don’t Let Rain Ruin Your Vacation

When you planned your trip to a tropical destination, you probably envisioned yourself lounging on the beach in the sunshine the entire time. But what happens when the heavens open up and the rain starts pouring down?

You thought you were prepared for everything. You even remembered to bring those items most people forget to when packing for an all inclusive resort. But the possibility of rain was one thing you didn’t think of.

If it starts to rain on your beach vacation, this doesn’t mean your trip is ruined. On the bright side, a little bit of rain will make for brighter flowers and lusher greenery in any tropical setting. Plus, there are still plenty of things to do on a rainy day when you are on vacation. Here are some rainy vacation ideas that will help you make the most of your day in the inclement weather.

Go Swimming Anyway

Most people will clear out of the swimming pool or the beach when it starts to rain, but there’s really no reason why rain on a beach vacation should stop you from enjoying the water. After all, you’re going to get wet anyway, so what’s the big deal?

Swimming in the rain can be nice because often tropical rain is quite warm and pleasant. There’s something very soothing about listening to the sound of the raindrops on the surface of the water. Also, you won’t have to worry about getting sunburned. However, if lighting starts to strike that means it is time to get out of the water!

Go Shopping

A rainy day is a great opportunity to hit the local markets and pick up some souvenirs for everyone at home, as well as some treats for yourself. Make sure you look for authentic, locally made handicrafts by artisans so you can support the local people in their creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Take your time and chat with the shopkeepers; they often are interesting characters and have some great stories to tell.

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Go on — you know you want to. Head to a local spa and get a massage, manicure, pedicure or any other indulgent treatment that you desire. This is the most enjoyable and relaxing way to make the most of a rainy day on your travels. You will emerge with a happy glow, too chilled out to care about the weather.

Appreciate History at a Museum

A rainy day is a great time to visit the local history museum and learn a little bit more about the archaeology and architecture of the region. Most vacation destinations, no matter how small,will have a museum telling the story of that location’s past, giving you a deeper understanding and appreciation for the destination.

Alternatively, see if there is a local art gallery where you can check out some beautiful and thought provoking art.

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Feast on Local Cuisine

When it’s pouring rain outside there is nothing better than getting cozy at a local restaurant and sampling some of the best cuisine your destination has to offer. Whether it is spicy Tom Yum soup in Thailand, Key Lime pie in the Florida Keys or Brazilian feijoada (bean, beef and pork stew), when you’re eating delicious food you won’t mind that it’s raining on your beach vacation.

Enjoying the typical cuisine of a place can really be a great way to experience the culture — and you might just discover your new favorite dish.

Write It All Down

Take a rainy day and curl up in a cozy local cafe with your travel notebook and use this opportunity to write about your adventures. You could be writing letters or postcards to family and friends back home, writing observations for a blog or simply keeping a private journal about your experiences.

Rest and Recharge

When every day of your trip is “go, go, go” you can find yourself getting pretty exhausted and run down. It’s important to take some time to slow down and get the rest you need.

If you’re wondering what to do on a beach vacation when it rains, the best answer is take a nap! A rainy afternoon can be the perfect excuse to take a nap back at your hotel room, or spend a few hours reading a good book. By the time the clouds clear up and the sun comes out again, you will have so much more energy for visiting the next attraction or going on the next tour.

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