Tables and stalls at the Queen Victoria Market
You can find almost anything at the Queen Victoria Market.
Photo Credit: Anna Ashton

Top 10 Attractions to Soak Up in Melbourne

7. Queen Victoria Market

Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market (QVM) has been operating since 1878 and is the largest of Melbourne’s great 19th-century markets. Among other things, the stalls at QVM sell clothing, souvenirs, watches, jewelry, bags, luggage, gadgets, phone accessories and fresh produce.

QVM also has a food court offering many different worldly dishes and some great smoothie bars. If you cross through or past the food court, you will find your way into the meat and fish section of the markets and if you continue through those you will eventually find yourself in the deli markets.

On my visit, the fresh produce, meat and fish and deli markets were by far the busiest and most entertaining. Be sure to pay attention to some of the stalls lining the outskirts of the main markets, as they have some pretty cool stalls there selling fantastic art pieces and unique sugar skull products.

Street with cars parked along side and shopsStroll the sidewalks and peek into stores and unique eateries and bars.Photo Credit: Wikimedia

8. Chapel Street

Fair warning, Chapel Street is long and that is not necessarily a bad thing as this street has shopping and dining for miles. If you are looking for upmarket designers, you are going to want to head for the South Yarra end where you will find a huge selection of fashion designers ready to pull you in.

Heading over to the Windsor end of Chapel Street, you find yourself surrounded by funky retailers and unique eateries and bars.

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Overlooking library with study tables and shelvesYou'll be in awe of the architecture and sheer number of books at the State Library.Photo Credit: Getty Images

9. State Library of Victoria

The thought of visiting a library might not be attractive to everyone, but I guarantee this one will impress you. This incredible 19th-century building will leave you in awe of its magnificent architecture.

It’s also a total hot spot for photographers as the domed ceiling in the reading room is an extraordinary sight to behold. Like all libraries, this is a quiet space, so if you do decide to visit, please do be respectful of those reading and studying around you.

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