Glass window bridge on Eleuthera island Bahamas where Caribbean sea meets Atlantic ocean
Yes, the colors in this photo are real.
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6 Ways to Soak up the Sights in Eleuthera

See Sea and Ocean Meet at Glass Window Bridge

The phrase “you have to see it to believe it” may be a cliche. However, it also happens to be true when it comes to Glass Window Bridge, one of the most popular things to do in Eleuthera. Located near the hamlet of Gregory Town, it’s a point where the land narrows to a width scarcely wider than a couple of cars, providing dramatic views of two very different bodies of water.

Turn to one side, and you’ll behold the Atlantic Ocean, a tossing, frothing, violent mass of water that looks almost indigo in color. Turn to the other side, and there’s the Bight of Eleuthera, pale green and perfectly calm. It’s hard to imagine a contrast more striking or more beautiful.

You can see some video I shot of this incredible spot here.

View of the beach and ocean.Looking to catch some waves? The aptly named Surfer's Beach is the place to do it.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Ride the Waves at Surfer’s Beach

While the Pacific may boast some truly impressive waves, Surfer’s Beach shows that you can still hang ten in the Atlantic. This two-mile stretch of perfectly white sand on Eleuthera’s west shore has a reef just off it. The reef causes regular waves to break just so, and you can pretty much always catch one if you’re willing to lug a board down the skinny, mangrove-framed trails leading down from Queen’s Highway. Though often only medium sized, the surf can grow truly impressive during the winter months.

Didn’t bring a board with you? Contact Surfer Pete (242-335-5436) in nearby Gregory Town. Not only will he rent you a board, he’ll give you all the inside information about the sand, surf and surrounding environment that you could want.

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Providenciales islandRent a car from a local and take a drive down to the south side of the island.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Rent a Car and Explore South

Savvy travelers closely following this guide will soon realize that all these recommendations cluster on the northern part of the island. That’s not to suggest that the best things to do in Eleuthera are only found there. Indeed, the central and southern sections offer all sorts of charming sights. You can explore Alice Town, view the Hatchet Bay caves, splash in the shallows of Receiver’s Beach, discover local authors at Haynes Library, and visit the museum in the Mission House.

Of course, given Eleuthera’s length, you’ll need to rent a car to do so. Many locals will rent you a car for a daily cash rate of $65 to $75 USD. Additionally, Italian photographer Alessandro Sarno’s little coffee table book “White Bull on the Highway” not only contains great pictures of the island, it provides names and phone numbers of locals who can provide rooms, serve great meals, take you on adventures and generally show you the sights.

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