Two cable cars with city and river down below.
Taking a ride on the cable cars above Tbilisi is the best value for your money attraction around.
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Tbilisi Will Draw You in with These 7 Entrancing Attractions

I’ve Fallen in Love with Georgia (The Country, Not the US State)

As I write this, I am looking out my window at the wrought iron balconies, colorful laundry lines waving in the breeze and uneven cobblestone streets of the Old City of Tbilisi. Below me, fruit sellers sit next to cartons heaped with figs and apples. In the distance I can see the mountains, shrouded in a blue-tinged haze.

The country of Georgia isn’t on many people’s radars yet, which is why it makes for the perfect destination for well-traveled adventurers who want a taste of something different. If you make your way here, the capital city of Tbilisi should be one of your stops, if not your only one.

Tbilisi offers fascinating history, delicious food, a great nightlife and friendly people. Plus… this is the country where wine was invented and the national dish is meat dumplings. Need I say more? If you decide to venture here, these are the Tbilisi, Georgia points of interest you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

Cable Car

For only 2.5 GEL (about $1 USD) you can take a thrilling ride high above the city on the cable car. You’ll get on the cable car in Rike Park and you’ll be lifted high above the colorful roofs that climb the hillside — a fantastic opportunity to snap photos of the city and the river and hills that surround it.

It’s easily one of the best value-for-money man-made attractions you will enjoy on your travels.

People sitting with wares out on ground in front of them and rugs hung behind.Shop for antiques and belongings from the Soviet rush rule.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Dry Bridge Market

Take a walk through this strange outdoor market located on a bridge near Dedaena Park and you’ll get a glimpse into life in Soviet Georgia. Locals who lived during Soviet rule from 1921 to 1991 spread their antiques and belongings out for sale, including military medals of service, knives, swords and even gas masks.

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Courtyard with warehouses on either side. People sitting at patio sets.Head to this old sewing factory for some seriously cool cultural experiences.


Fabrika is an old sewing factory that has been transformed into Hipster Central. It’s home to a hostel, a co-working space, artisan shops, a couple of cafes and bars and a cool courtyard strung up with twinkling lights. There’s a lot to enjoy here, from art exhibitions to entrepreneurial workshops to film screenings to rooftop yoga.

The party in the public outdoor spaces lasts well into the early hours of the morning, making this one of the must-see places in Tbilisi.

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