Men wearing red and white running alongside bulls down the street.
Get all the tricks and tips on how to have a successful running of the bulls, even if you don't have the courage to do it yourself.
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From High Culture to Popular Culture These are 7 of the Best Tours in Spain

Running of the Bulls Tour with an Expert Runner

If the Pamplona Bull Run has been on your bucket list for a while, you might want to check out this tour when you finally go. Even if you don’t have the courage to actually run in front of the bulls yourself, you can hear what it’s like from an expert runner.

He’ll talk strategy and history, giving tour participants the best tips and tricks on how to have a successful running of the bulls. From the corrals where the bulls are let loose to the famous Plaza de Toros bullring, this Running of the Bulls Tour will give you an inside look at the main route through the town during Sanfermines.

Beach with lounge chairs and thatched umbrellas.Swim, snorkel and lounge at some of the best beaches in the area.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Ibiza Beach Hopping by Catamaran

Best known for its hopping nightlife scene, Ibiza has no shortage of things to do, even in the daytime. This Ibiza Beach Hopping by Catamaran tour will allow you to experience the island in style on board a catamaran, jumping from beach to beach as you would clubs or bars. You’ll start at the San Antonio yacht club and head for Calabassa, one of the top beaches in the area.

Swim and snorkel to your heart’s content until you disembark again to Cala Comte Beach, followed by Conejera Island. Watch the sunset, grab a bite to eat, and soak up some rays while you sail the gorgeous turquoise waters of Ibiza.

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Cyclists riding along road toward mountains with Spanish style building to their left.There's no better way to see the island than by bicycle.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Mallorca Ride Camp

Cycling aficionados are hard pressed to find a better place to ride than Mallorca. During this seven-day bike tour across the island, you’ll log an average of 50 miles per day, with the option of doing shorter or strenuous routes depending on your fitness level.

Spectacular views of the mountains and coastline await you on the Mallorca Ride Camp tour, as you ride some of the most picturesque roads in the world. Aside from the cycling itself, you’ll also enjoy tip top comfort, access to a fitness spa and delicious meals along the way.

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