Overhead look at coast of Naples, Italy
The beautiful coastline of Naples, Italy.
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Southern Europe

Embrace the Mediterranean


Perched along the Adriatic coast, Croatia has sunny skies, miles of beaches and natural beauty. While outdoor enthusiasts will love the water, history buffs will embrace the Roman ruins and medieval castles. Dubrovnik, a near perfect 13th-century city, is one of the most stunning World Heritage sites on Earth.

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  • Project Stari Grad in Croatia


Dotted with islands, drenched in seemingly endless sun and brimming with ancient culture, Greece will spark your imagination and capture your heart. Whether you explore ancient ruins, sunbathe on a secluded beach or embrace the nightlife, your time in Greece will be memorable.

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  • Necromanteion – Oracle of the Dead in Greece
  • Reaching for Heaven
  • Santorini and the Legend of Atlantis
  • The Greek Word For Fun Is…Mykonos!


Birthplace of the Renaissance, Italy practically drips with art and architecture. The Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s David and da Vinci’s Pieta are just a few of the cultural wonders here. Add in sumptuous food, world-class vintages and breathtaking views, and it’s hard to know how to divide your time.

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With megaliths, cathedrals, castles and cobblestone streets, you’ll feel like you walked back in time. This sunny, windswept island has some of the oldest manmade structures and some of the most beautiful views in Europe.


Colorful tile work, Moorish architecture and miles of sandy shores give Portugal a North African feel, while olives, a bounty of seafood and a wide range of wines confirm Portugal’s European roots. Laid back and friendly, this often-overlooked destination is definitely worth a visit – or two.

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