Overhead view of coast with green space and dots of houses.
The best time of year to visit is April to November.
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South Africa Travel

South Africa

South Africa bubbles on the verge of a dramatic new growth while still plagued by its tumultuous recent past. As infrastructure improves, tourists have more opportunities to catch wildlife at its finest, trek trails that have been off the map for years and experience the rebirth of a nation seeking a new identity. Whether you’re searching for a unique safari adventure or a chance to experience some of Africa’s finest festivals and food, South Africa delivers.

Much of this part of Africa is still roadless and wild and suitable only for well-heeled travelers. While you’ll be blessed with amazing sights like the famous Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and ample opportunity to see wildlife, many of the nations are in a state of political flux and travelers are a common target. If you go, keep abreast of daily travel alerts and heed the advice of locals when it comes to navigating through particularly dangerous areas.

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The best time of year to visit South African nations is April to November, when the weather is drier and animals congregate around water sources. In the winter, nighttime temperatures dip below freezing and the days can be rainy and unpredictable.

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