Fireworks over the Las Vegas strip
Look forward to endless pool parties, massive patriotic decorations, and huge fireworks displays in Las Vegas
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10 of the Best Places in the USA to Celebrate Independence Day

What Better Way to Kick Off the Summer?

Hot weather, barbecues, patriotism and no small number of fireworks are the key features of the Fourth of July festivities everywhere in the United States. However, some celebrations are bigger and better than others.

Independence Day is a great excuse for a summer holiday. Why not go somewhere new and be treated to an outstanding firework display while you’re there?

Here are 10 of the best places to go for the Fourth of July.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas knows how to do big flashy celebrations, and the Fourth of July is no exception. There’s a reason why it’s one of the top Fourth of July destinations. You can look forward to endless pool parties, massive patriotic decorations and of course fireworks, with resorts all competing to put on the biggest and brightest show.

Expect the parties to start on the Friday night before Independence Day and continue until July 5. In terms of Fourth of July travel, this may be better suited to travelers without children. Just because you’re in Vegas doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive weekend, either. There are plenty of freebies in Vegas in addition to the parties you’ll be making the most of.

Fireworks over New OrleansNew Orleans is definitely a top contender for the finest Independence Day fireworks show.Photo Credit: Getty Images

New Orleans

Every city in the United States tries to outdo all the rest with fireworks displays on Independence Day. New Orleans is definitely a top contender for the finest show, making it one of the best places for a Fourth of July vacation.

The fiery extravaganza takes place along the Mississippi River, with two barges acting as the launching point for the dazzling lights.

You can watch the fireworks from any point along the riverfront, or for a truly spectacular experience, join a cruise on a riverboat so you’ll see the fireworks directly overhead as you glide down the Mississippi.

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Water and boats in the foreground with skyscrapers lit up in the background and fireworks over top.San Diego is one big part for the Fourth of July.Photo Credit: Getty Images

San Diego

The military bases dotted around San Diego might be one of the reasons this town is so patriotic. Whatever it is, this is a place where people love their country and know how to throw a good party.

This laid-back destination kicks up its heels on the Fourth of July, treating visitors and locals alike to a gigantic fireworks display. More than 350,000 people fill the port-side parks to enjoy the spectacle — enjoy a picnic on the beach during the day and then head over to watch the show in the evening.

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