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The architectural marvels of Chicago are a sight to behold.
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Midwest United States

Attractions for Miles

The Midwest is made for roadtrippin’. Route 66, rolling hills, the Great Lakes and national parks provide plenty of entertainment along the way.

Mount Rushmore, the most famous landmark in South Dakota, is an artistic engineering feat. Five hundred feet above ground, the faces of presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln are carved into the granite mountainside. Not only are they perfectly proportioned, the faces alone are 60 feet high. While these massive portraits tower high above the ground, the underground labyrinth of Jewel Cave is equally awe-inspiring. Second longest in the U.S. and third longest in the world, Jewel Cave boasts more than 120 miles of surveyed passageways, and that’s not counting the vast area yet to be explored.

Not to be outdone, Missouri has more than 5,000 caves, including the spectacular Meramec Caverns. While only a fraction of the size of Jewel Cave, this group of easy-to-explore caverns features walkways and the amazing ‘Stage Curtain’, which claims the title of the world’s largest single cave formation.

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The manmade structures of Chicago are equally impressive. The white marble façade of the Wrigley Building, the impressive Tribune Tower and other stunning buildings line the aptly named Magnificent Mile. While the Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium and the Field Museum are all within walking distance of each other, the blues are scattered throughout the city. Catching the live shows at Kingston Mines, Buddy Guy’s Legends, Blues Chicago and the Checker Board Lounge will have you toddling all over this musical town. Despite its nickname The Second City, Chicago is second to none.

Whether you wander the streets of The Windy City or brave the dust storms of Wisconsin, tour giant portraits or walk the shores of the Great Lakes, the American Midwest offers big, bold and beautiful vacation options.

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