A group of stilt-borne villas rises above the sunset-gilded waves.
The Villa Sanglung in Singaraja, Bali, one of a trio of gorgeous villas operated by the same owners.
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6 Amazing Vacation Rentals Around the World

Find Your Perfect Property for Luxury Vacation Rentals

In years past, travelers looking for luxury accommodations found themselves facing limited options. Sure, they could check into any number of top tier hotels, but such establishments would often feel bland, cookie cutter and corporate. Trying to find the perfect little bungalow, amazing villa, or interestingly themed escape meant knowing someone who knew someone who knew someone.

Fortunately, all of that has changed with the advent of crowdsharing and peer to peer renting. Thanks to websites such as Airbnb and VRBO, you can discover luxury vacation rentals all across the world, grand properties in great locations that are just waiting for you to check in. Read on to learn more about truly distinctive luxury vacation rentals across the globe.

Villa Sanglung (Singaraja, Bali)

Synonymous with mountainous tropical splendor, beautiful beaches and hard partying getaways, Bali has more than earned its reputation as a world-renowned vacation hotspot. However, North Bali in general — and Singaraja in particular — works a little differently than the traditional tourist spots in South Bali. Quiet and containing swathes of largely untouched jungle, it is a quiet, contemplative area perfect for romantic getaways.

So is Villa Sanglung ($179 per night), one of a trio of gorgeous villas operated by the same couple. Praised by Forbes, Conde Nast Brides and Coastal Living, the villa initially looks like a more traditional Indonesian structure due to its thatched bamboo roof. Polished hardwood floors on the second level and sand colored tile on the first lead to a pair of bedrooms. It also boasts a private pool and an eating area that peers down a slope onto an emerald expanse of forest.

An aerial shot shows blue umbrellas dotting a white-sand beach.Isla Mujeres is a small island off of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.Photo Credit: Getty Images / NewNomads

The World Famous Seashell House (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

It might seem a little presumptuous to list your property as “world famous,” but The World Famous Seashell House ($304 per night) really has drawn the attention of publications as diverse as House Beautiful, Coastal Living Magazine and Elite Daily. It is easy to see why. This home in Isla Mujeres, a small slice of island off Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, shaped like a pair of seashells.

The exterior of the home is impressive enough, crafted as it is like a vertical conch and a sitting nautilus. The seashell theme extends beyond its exterior, too. Each bed boasts a shell shaped backboard, bathrooms have sinks constructed out of shells and mirrors bordered by them, and shower heads even end in conchs. The property’s color scheme even mirrors that of natural shells. Far from seeming gimmicky, The World Famous Shell House is full of luxurious touches such as a private pool, a guest house, proximity to the beach, and indoor and outdoor cooking areas.

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Blue-domed and white-walled buildings crouch on a cliff overlooking the sea.Numerous houses, including the Hector Cave House, peer out over the Aegean Sea from their perches in a volcanic caldera in Santorini, Greece.Photo Credit: Getty Images / spooh

Hector Cave House (Santorini, Greece)

When it comes to fame, the Hector Cave House (part of a trio of properties ranging from $222 to $438 per night) has gotten even more press from mainstream magazine, travel blogs, tip websites and international publications. It is easy to see why. Located on the Greek island of Santorini, the property is carved into the side of a volcanic ridge and peers out over the Aegean Sea. All cool whites and calm neutrals, the color scheme recalls the classic architecture of the Greek Islands and meshes perfectly with the almost heartbreaking beauty that is virtually everywhere you look. Pick up a bottle of wine, relax in the hot tub and watch the sailboats slide across the waters.

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