Brown wood siding on house with sign saying Witch House
The Witch House is one of the many spooky but sobering attractions you can visit while in Salem.
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9 Places to Go for Halloween That Are Filled with Thrills & Chills

A Cauldron-Full of Festivities

For Halloween lovers, this holiday’s celebrations have as much of a draw as Christmas or New Year’s does for others. No longer just for kids, Halloween has turned into a major commercial venture for towns and cities around the world.

Many places, especially within the United States, have really upped their Halloween game in the last few decades, putting on large multi-day festivals and hosting lavish all-night masquerades. Some destinations even have year-round horror attractions that contribute to their Halloween appeal.

There are plenty of fall vacation destinations to journey to this time of year where you can enjoy the changing leaves and harvest festivals, but if dressing up and getting spooked are two of your favorite things, why not take a Halloween-themed trip this year?

We’ve rounded up some of the best Halloween destinations where you can get a deadly dose of thrills and chills.

Salem, MA

In Salem, it’s pretty much Halloween year-round. Known for its association with the Salem Witch Trials and as the setting of Disney’s “Hocus Pocus,” the city identifies with and prides itself on its spooky history. There are plenty of witchy attractions like the Salem Witch Museum and The Witch House to keep you busy and entertained for hours.

In the Salem Witch Village you’ll find haunted houses, nighttime walking tours, and even spell casting ceremonies. Plus, every Halloween the city hosts a week long Festival of the Dead where you can mingle with modern-day witches at the psychic fair and witches ball.

Entrance to Universal Studios with people milling about and vines on entryway.Get your pants scared off in the scare mazes at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Orlando, FL

Known as the theme park capital of the world, Orlando is a top Halloween entertainment destination. Aside from the well-known scare mazes at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, the Walt Disney World Resort, Legoland and SeaWorld all host family-friendly Halloween activities as well.

Even if you can’t afford the high price of a theme park ticket, there are plenty of haunted houses and Halloween attractions all over Orlando. A must-see for its high scare factor is A Petrified Forest, where you’ll get flashbacks to “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” as you walk through different backwoods scenes and encounter murderous country folk along the way.

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A Cauldron-Full of Festivities For Halloween lovers, this holiday's celebrations have as much of a draw as Christmas or New Year’s does for others. No longer...

Yellow and grey building with sign saying Magic CastleBook a private seance at Magic Castle for a truly spooky Halloween experience while in Hollywood.Photo Credit: Getty Images

West Hollywood, CA

One of the most famous adults-only Halloween parties around the world takes place in Tinseltown. West Hollywood hosts a yearly Halloween Carnaval with live music, an epic block party, and plenty of risque costumes. All of the bars and clubs in the area are also open, allowing party goers to bar hop with ease.

A ton of exclusive Halloween parties and masquerades happen all weekend long, where bumping into a celebrity or two isn’t unheard of. For a truly unique Halloween experience be sure to book a private seance at the The Academy of Magical Arts, or the Magic Castle as it’s typically known, where you may come in contact with the spirit of Harry Houdini himself.

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