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Experience It All: 12 Free Attractions to Check out in Los Angeles

Sit in a TV Audience

Hollywood truly is a land of opportunity, especially if you’ve always wanted to be on TV. Did you know you can see many of your favorite TV shows in person as part of a studio audience? While not every show uses audiences, game shows, talk shows, sitcoms and some reality shows often do.

Best of all, it’s completely free to participate. Just search “[your favorite TV show] free tickets” to see if they’re available and then reserve your ticket a few weeks ahead of time to secure a spot (unless it’s “Ellen,” then fuhgettaboutit).

Vendors along Olvera St.Many of the vendors along Olvera St. are descended from the original merchants who set up shop here in LA's early days.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Olvera Street

Get an authentic taste of Mexican culture on Olvera Street, near the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Many of the vendors in the outdoor marketplace are descended from the original merchants who set up shop in the early days of the city. Counter-served food, artisan crafts and imported souvenirs line the crowded stalls along the narrow street.

Free cultural events take place throughout the year, including music, dancing, kids’ activities and an elaborate Day of the Dead celebration at the end of October.

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Stars on Hollywood Wal kof FameWalk along Hollywood Blvd. and Vine St. and find your favorite stars' names.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Besides the Hollywood Sign itself, when most people think of LA, they think of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Stretching for a total of 18 blocks along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, the Walk of Fame showcases some of the most well-known celebrities in TV, film, radio, music and theater.

It’s completely free to follow the trail of stars and take photos with your favorites, but beware of the costumed characters in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre. They may want a couple bucks for the privilege of taking a photo with you.

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