Wild & Beautiful Year-Round: Your Mont Tremblant, Quebec Travel Guide

Fun in All Seasons

The oldest and largest provincial park in Quebec, Mont Tremblant has been welcoming nature lovers, skiers, adventurers and holiday-goers since it opened in 1895.

This wild and beautiful natural refuge covers 1,510 square kilometers of sparkling lakes, thick oak and maple forests, rolling hills and rushing rivers. In the winter it’s all about skiing and snowboarding, and in the summer it’s a popular spot for canoeing, hiking, mountain biking and other outdoor adventures. There’s so much to do here, including mountain luges, climbing walls, giant trampolines and much more.

Plus, this Laurentian Mountain getaway is known for its adorable local shops, high-quality cuisine, great nightlife and fun local art galleries. No cars are allowed in the village, which keeps the air fresh and clear and the atmosphere quiet and peaceful.

This Quebec getaway is popular as a vacation spot for New Englanders, as it is only a seven-hour drive from New York and six hours from Boston. No matter what time of year you visit Mont Tremblant, you’ll be charmed by this lovely French-Canadian retreat and the unspoiled nature all around it. Here’s the Mont Tremblant travel guide you’ll need when planning your trip.

What to Eat

The culinary scene of Mont Tremblant is fantastic. If you have worked up an appetite after hiking, skiing, canoeing or simply shopping until you drop, you’ll find plenty of great food to satisfy your taste buds.

La Forge Bar et Grill is one of the top spots in the village to dine, offering a welcoming bistro-bar on the main floor and a more luxurious steakhouse upstairs where you can treat yourself to aged Angus beef cooked on wood charcoal.

The restaurant La Savoie offers up a little taste of the alps in Mont Tremblant. It features traditional fondue, made with raclette cheese from raw milk imported from France. It’s a very comforting treat to enjoy on a chilly evening after a big day of skiing.

Of course, no trip to Quebec would be complete without some delicious poutine. This French-Canadian dish consists of thick-cut fries, squeaky cheese curds and hearty gravy and is the ultimate Canadian comfort food! One of the best places to try it is Smoke’s Poutinerie, which offers up poutine with exciting ingredients like pulled pork and bacon.

What to Do

Things to do in Mont Tremblant vary with the seasons. Here are some of the best Mont Tremblant activities throughout the year:


Wondering what to do in Mont Tremblant in the spring? Although spring is often considered an “in between” season where you’ve missed out on skiing but summer activities aren’t quite open yet, there is still fun to be had at Tremblant.

  • Spruce up your wardrobe on a shopping spree — there are over 33 different retail locations to explore in the Mont Tremblant area.
  • Hit up the Casino de Mont Tremblant and pretend you are James Bond for a while.
  • Play a round of golf at the Le Diable Golf Course while enjoying the gorgeous views.
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As soon as the warm weather arrives, Tremblant becomes a hot spot for summer fun. Here are the best things to do at Mont Tremblant in the summer.

  • Experience Tonga Lumina. This nighttime installation opens at 9:30 p.m. on summer evenings until October and involves a chairlift ride through the dark, with sounds, music and displays of laser lights accompanying you up the mountain.
  • Go canoeing down the river and admire the flora and fauna of the forest.
  • Check out Parcours Aventure, a zip-line experience that will take you zooming through the treetops of the forest.
  • If you visit during July, you’ll be able to see the Mont Tremblant International Blues Festival, a fantastic musical event that features over 100 concerts in open-air venues throughout the village.


The best time to visit Mont Tremblant in the fall varies from year to year based on the weather. You’ll want to time your visit so the leaves are at their peak in terms of autumn colors. Typically the end of September into the beginning of October will give you plenty of fall foliage to admire while you partake in the following activities:

  • Visit one of the many spas and pamper yourself with a relaxing treatment.
  • Hiking in Tremblant is a must. Take a walk in the fresh and invigorating fall air in Domaine St-Bernard, one of the largest eco-touristic parks with tons of paths and trails to explore.
  • Mont Tremblant sightseeing is incomplete without taking the panoramic gondola to the highest peak in the Laurentians and admiring the colors of the autumn leaves from above.


The question of what to do in Tremblant is easy to answer in the winter, considering the area is famous for its powdery slopes.

  • Obviously, skiing and snowboarding are the main activities to enjoy in Mont Tremblant in the winter. Visitors come from all over the enjoy the top quality slopes here.
  • You can also go mountain biking in the snow, on a specially designed mountain bike with fat tires.
  • It’s also possible to take a four-wheel-drive Dune Buggy Tour that will take you through the frozen terrain and allow you to go off the beaten track to see wild and beautiful landscapes.

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