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Look for something mid-range that suits your needs and has a reputation for quality.
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7 Things Not Worth Cheaping out on When It Comes to Travel

When Spending a Little More Will Go a Long Way

Saving money on travel often looks better on paper than it does in real life. Sure, we all want to be savvy budget travelers who get the most from their money without spending an arm and a leg, but sometimes cheaping out isn’t worth it.

Certain things, whether tangible or intangible, are priced the way they are because of their inherent value, especially in comparison to what’s offered by the cheaper version.

While there are plenty of dollar store travel items and while there’s nothing wrong with finding the best deal, the lowest price doesn’t always equal the best experience when traveling. In particular, these are a few things that are worth the extra pennies when it comes to travel.


Especially important when traveling for long stretches of time, sturdy luggage should be a no-brainer. Imagine finding out you lost some of the personal items in your luggage after it developed a huge hole from all the wear and tear.

While there’s certainly expensive branded luggage that’s not worth the money, there are also cheap bags that aren’t worth the savings. Look for something mid-range that suits your needs and has a reputation for quality.

There are more things to consider than you think when it comes to purchasing the best luggage for your trip. Check Consumer Reports for a detailed buying guide on luggage, which will help you know exactly what to look for when buying new bags.

Row of taxis with their lights on at nightDon't put your safety at risk in an attempt to save money.Photo Credit: iStockPhoto / ivanikova


Your personal safety as well as the safety of your belongings are not worth the lure of saving money or getting a supposedly good bargain. Never walk alone for long distances at night, especially if it requires passing through notoriously sketchy or dangerous neighborhoods.

Call a cab or, if you absolutely have to, take public transportation and then take a cab the rest of the way.

In general, hostels, motels and two-star hotels offer cheap accommodation, but don’t always have the best security. Sometimes they’re not located in the best neighborhoods either.

Of course, unsafe lodging is more of an exception than a rule. However, the best way to keep yourself safe before staying somewhere is by checking online review sites such as TripAdvisor, Expedia and Booking.com.

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Feet wearing comfortable sneakers dangle over a green fenceYour best travel companion is always a comfortable pair of shoes.Photo Credit: iStockPhoto / mihailomilovanovic

Comfortable Shoes

Aside from sturdy luggage, your best travel companion is always a comfortable pair of shoes. We’ve all been guilty of buying a pair of shoes just because they look nice or were on sale, but those are not the shoes to take on a trip away from home.

Shoes with soles made from synthetic plastics might cost less than an entree at Olive Garden, but your feet will hate you by the end of your first day in a European country.

With shoes, you get what you pay for; there’s no compromise for comfort. Focus on arch support and buy designated walking shoes that are meant to absorb normal impact from walking.

High quality canvas, leather and even rubber are preferable materials and are worth the extra money in the long run. Not only will more expensive shoes generally last longer, but they’ll fit your feet better, saving you money on band aids and blister treatments.

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