Pier extending into water with mountains in background.
Accommodations are cheap and the views are priceless.
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Take the Heat off Your Wallet: 5 Budget-Friendly Summer Vacation Destinations

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Can you imagine yourself relaxing in a hammock overlooking an immense lake that shimmers in the sunlight, surrounded by blooming tropical flowers with volcanoes and mountains on the horizon? If this sounds good to you, you’ll love Lake Atitlan — a stunning destination in Guatemala.

Even one of the fancier hotels in Lake Atitlan won’t cost you more than $100 USD per night, so you can visit this naturally beautiful spot even if you are on a tight budget.

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Bay in Saranda, AlbaniaAvoid crowds and save money in one of the cheapest counties in Europe.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Saranda, Albania

If you are dreaming of Mediterranean sunshine but you don’t wait to pay the high prices of Greece or Italy, one of the best cheap summer vacation ideas is to travel to Albania. The Albanian coast is stunning — with turquoise water and golden sand — yet it is still one of the cheapest countries in Europe and totally off the main tourist track.

Saranda is a lovely coastal town on a gulf in the Ionian Sea, in the central Mediterranean. Nearby you can also visit the remains of the ancient city of Butrint, which is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also explore Lekuresi Castle, which dates back to early Ottoman times and was once a citadel that enclosed an entire village. All that remains now are a few portions of the walls and a crumbling tower that overlooks the bay.

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