Palm trees on the coast with a purple and orange sunset.
We recommend Barbados for a first stop.
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Just as Paradisal as You’d Think

Ever wonder where Zeus hung out when he tired of Greek goddesses? We’re pretty sure he headed west to the vibrant Caribbean islands. Since Columbus docked his ship along the shores of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, people from all walks of life have succumbed to the allure of the Caribbean’s azure waters, lush islands and blissfully white-sand beaches. Even Hemmingway hung his hat in Havana for a while, and wrote some of his most beautiful work while drinking in the beauty of the otherworldly sunsets. With prices this low there’s no need to be cheap

Shortly after Hemmingway sipped his last daiquiri at Havana’s renowned El Floridita bar, the Bahamas to Curacao became the world’s hottest zone for vacationers – in more ways than one. And since the islands are all so diverse, returning time after time is a must if you want to truly find the treasures hidden here.

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We recommend Barbados for a first stop. Bajans (Barbadians) enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean, and as a result have one of the lowest crime rates. The flying fish (which don’t really fly) is the national symbol and a must-try while visiting. If you’re an off-the-beaten path traveler, skip the overdeveloped Bridgetown and St. Lawrence Gap and hightail it to the eastern side of the island where you’ll find wilderness hiking trails, surf sports and a delicious sampling of local culture.

Don’t forget about the rum Jamaica’s famous for, the teeming reefs around remote Eleuthera (Bahamas), or the sights and sounds of Carnival in rejuvenated Grenada.

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