Silhouetted trees and bushes with water at sunset.
It might surprise you, but Botswana is one of the top tourist attractions in Africa.
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The Republic of Botswana is a nation rich in heritage, wildlife and minerals and will fuel your wildest adventure dreams. The completely landlocked nation is nestled between Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa. Although Botswana is relatively flat, it is remarkably diverse in flora and fauna, from the Kalahari Desert in the south to the Okavango Delta of the north.

Botswana Safaris

A progressive nation

Botswana earned its independence from the British Commonwealth in 1966. Prior to that time, it was Bechuanaland, and since then, diamond mining, cattle farming and tourism have driven a healthy economy. Revenues from these sources fund an education system that claims to guarantee citizens at least 10 years of study and a health system that will provide drugs needed to combat malaria and AIDS.

Botswana Highlights

Savute Reserve, Chobe National Park

Makgadikgadi Pans National Park

Tsodilo Hills

Gcwihaba Caverns

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It might surprise you, but Botswana is one of the top tourist attractions in Africa. The Okavango River runs through the nation, creating lush and fertile land ripe for tourism.

Many safari camps operate along the river’s banks, where you can see over 400 species of birds and many exotic animals – including lions, elephants, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, wild dogs, hippos, water buffalo, crocodiles, antelope, warthogs and monkeys.

Taking a safari in Botswana isn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision – book before you leave home if your heart is set on it. Access to game reserves is limited for the protection of the land and the animals.

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