Photo of grandfather and his grandchildren in the park
Visit somewhere close to your family's roots.
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Fun for All Ages: 7 Places to Travel with Grandparents

A Hometown Area of Special Significance

My final suggestion for places to visit with grandparents might not have any restaurants with Michelin stars or be featured in any AAA travel guides. And what area may that be? Why, a family member’s hometown, an old stomping ground that has served as the backdrop for your family’s lives and love over generations.

Honestly, old family stomping grounds don’t necessarily make for the most thrilling travel, but they can be incredibly significant. Staying under the roof where a grandparent was born, seeing the school where a parent studied, congregating at an old place of worship — these experiences bind generations together in ways that can’t be replicated anyplace else.

If this is something you’ve done before, why not hearken back to even earlier stomping grounds? Genealogy travel will allow your family to travel back to the home of your ancestors, giving you the chance to explore somewhere new but that has special significance to your family.

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