White and blue cruise sails along the coast with houses dotting the shore and sailboats sailing alongside.
If you're looking to take a cruise around the Mediterranean, Celebrity is your cruise line of choice.
Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises

8 Cruise Lines That'll Take You to Dreamy Locales in Style

Cruise Toward the Perfect Vacation

There is something romantic about cruises. Sailing off into the sunset on a luxury liner is the definition of a dream holiday.

You get to sunbathe on deck while surrounded by the glittering ocean, enjoy a lavish lifestyle of cocktails and fine dining, and explore exotic locales.

If you’re daydreaming of a cruise ship getaway (and why wouldn’t you be), and want to find a cruise that’s perfect for your interests and preferences, fixate your imaginings on one of the best cruise lines. All of them deliver the kind of vacation you’ll want to send a postcard home about.

Celebrity Cruises

This cruise ship line is smaller than some of the others available. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you get less value for your money: on the contrary, it means you’ll have more space available, but you’ll still enjoy the amenities of larger liners.

There are outdoor movie screens, kids’ clubs, spas, shops and even casinos on board.

Celebrity is also known for the variety and quality of its restaurants. On board you’ll find cuisines ranging from French and Italian to Asian, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. As for destinations, Celebrity is the top choice for cruises around the Mediterranean. You can get plenty of culture on these cruises, with stops in classic locations such as Santorini or Naples.

This cruise line is cheaper than some of the larger lines, so you’re guaranteed to get a fantastic deal.

Black, red, and white cruise ship with Mickey Mouse silhouette on smoke stacks.Don't be fooled, Disney cruises are plenty of fun for people of all ages.Photo Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line

Cruising with kids doesn’t get much better than on the Disney Cruise Line. Character deck parties and special children’s programs will delight the younger members of your families, while adults can relax in grown-up-only areas. Plus with a few helpful Disney cruise tips, family vacation planning has never been easier.

Hopping on one of their cruise ships is pure fun and escapism.

It’s not all Disney characters and parties on board though: they know how to deliver on the itinerary front, too. Disney Cruises sail to more than 15 destinations in the Caribbean, so this is a great cruise line to choose if you plan on soaking up some rays.

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White cruise ship on the ocean.Crystal Cruises have a crew to passenger ratio of one-to-one.Photo Credit: Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises

For a romantic couple’s cruise, look no further than a trip on Crystal Cruises. Feather beds and complimentary drinks, anyone? You and your significant other can don terry cloth robes and strut around in style in your luxurious stateroom on board one of these liners, before heading to a pampering spa treatment or private dining experience. And don’t forget these tips for scoring free drinks on a cruise in addition to those complimentary ones.

What makes Crystal Cruises stand out even more is the quality service they offer. With a crew to passenger ratio of nearly one-to-one, you’ll get outstanding service and attention. Penthouse suites can even enjoy their own private butler!

Two tier cruise ship with people on top deck looking over railing. European style buildings in the background.Rather than sailing the ocean blue, these cruise ships traverse rivers in Europe.Photo Credit: Amawaterways


You’ll be right in the lap of luxury on board AmaWaterways. They offer a slight twist on the traditional cruise ship holiday — instead of flitting from one tropical port to another, they roam rivers in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Their fleet of ships are small and intimate, but don’t compromise on any of the luxuries cruisers expect. You’ll be able to sweep past iconic cities like Paris in elegance and style, minus the crowds of larger ships.

White and black cruise ship sails along a cliff with waterfalls pouring down into the water.Mature travelers will appreciate the laid-back atmosphere on this cruise ship.Photo Credit: Holland America

Holland America

Traveling to destinations on all seven continents, everybody will find a holiday to suit them with Holland America. This cruise line is best suited to mature travelers, with a focus on professional service and a relaxing experience rather than amenities catering to young or adventurous families.

If it’s space you want, you’ll get it with Holland America. They have some of the best cabins you’ll find on a cruise ship, with giant balconies and bathtubs in most bathrooms.

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White cruise ship sails into harbor.Chandeliers, art collections and fine dining await aboard these cruise ships.Photo Credit: Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

This line lays claim to the world’s most luxurious cruise ship, the Regent Seven Seas Explorer. If you book a cruise on this ship you’ll be transported to a world of chandeliers and marble, extravagant art collections and fine dining, plus more space than you would ever expect to find at sea.

Regent Seven Seas aims to have all the ships in their line match this one for style and design, meaning this is your go-to for the ultimate lavish experience.

Destinations range from Africa and Asia to Alaska, so there is something to suit all tastes. For the ultimate experience, you can even choose a Navigate the World cruise, which takes guests to up to 31 countries and some of the world’s most unique destinations.

White cruise ship docked on the water.Oceania Cruises have world-class restaurants as well as wine-pairing restaurants.Photo Credit: Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises

Foodies will love the offerings on board Oceania. This cruise line is distinguished by its sophisticated food and wine services.

As well as world-class restaurants, there are wine-pairing restaurants and cooking schools on board to take things to the next level. Ralph Lauren-designed suites don’t hurt either! Recent refurbishments mean this line lays claim to some of the most comfortable beds at sea.

This cruise line is a great choice for exploring Northern Europe, with options that will take you through Norway’s fjords or north of the Arctic Circle. With a fleet of midsize ships, this line offers one of the best value-for-money options.

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Top deck of cruise ship with wooden floor, lounge chairs, and swimming pool.There are plenty of options with the Royal Caribbean International, for budget and luxury travelers alike.Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean International

With a massive fleet of 25 ships, Royal Caribbean International sails to countries on six continents. The number of ships means this cruise line can offer a broad range of experiences, so there are options to suit different budgets and travelers.

The newest additions to the fleet are the most impressive, with everything you could want from a cruise ship, then a few extra things thrown in for good measure. There are ice skating rinks, rock climbing walls, mini-golf courses and even skydiving!

There are enough bars and restaurants on board that even the pickiest eaters will be satisfied. The ships at the lower end of the price scale aren’t quite so extravagant but still boast some of the classiest and most comfortable cabins at sea.

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