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You'll discover a world of adventure with Arizona's borders.
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Arizona Vacations

Adventure at Its Finest

There are more things to do within the boundaries of this spectacular state then there are tourists standing motionless and enraptured by the views of the Grand Canyon each year. If you’re considering joining the nearly 5 million annual visitors, you’ll discover a world of adventure with Arizona’s borders.

Whether you’re touring Route 66 on a Harley or RVing through the Sonoma Desert, you’ll be tempted to sleep under the open sky and soak in the heady aroma of wild lavender fields and terra cotta sunsets. You’ll meet visitors of all ages, from all over the globe, that have come to hike, drive and bike.

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Unsure of how to plan your trip with so many choices? After you’ve explored the artisan shops and unique galleries in Tucson or enjoyed a luxurious spa day and world-class golf in Phoenix, why not try a pisco sour while relaxing pool-side at sumptuous resort on Camelback Mountain? Or, perhaps you’d like to sip a refreshing, local cocktail in some of the coolest lounges Scottsdale has to offer?

There’s so many cool ways to take in the Arizona heat. Whether you hit the slot machines, the scenic roads or take in the view of the Grand Canyon for the first time, you’ll likely find yourself returning year after warm, gloriously sunny year.

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