Glass exterior of airport with bus and van parallel parked out front of the terminal.

These Cheap Airports Make It Easy to Explore Europe for Less

Glass exterior of airport with bus and van parallel parked out front of the terminal.This is a hub for Ryanair, a budget airline, which means you'll be able to get cheap flights from plenty of places.Photo Credit: Getty Images

A Euro Trip Is More Feasible Than You Might Think!

Flights across the Atlantic are lower than they have ever been, with some airlines offering fares for just a few hundred dollars. Paris, London and Rome are now all in reach for budget travelers from North America.

If you’re planning on snagging a cheap flight sometime soon though, make sure you get the very best price by looking into the best airports in Europe. We also recommend doing some research about which airlines to avoid so you can start your trip on a positive note. Air travel around Europe may be cost-effective but it isn’t without its pitfalls: it helps to know some of the most convenient airports to fly into as well as those with the best deals.


Couple your choice of airport with these tips on how to find the cheapest flights and you’re set for a budget-friendly trip to some of the most incredible destinations in Europe.

Here is a closer look at some of the best and cheapest airports in Europe.

Dublin Airport, Ireland

With a recent expansion of long-haul routes, there are now flights into Dublin directly from U.S. cities such as Boston, San Francisco and Orlando.

This is also the hub of super cheap airline Ryanair, so from Dublin you will be able to connect to the rest of Europe for incredibly low prices. If you’re flexible with your dates and book in advance, you can score flights for as low as five euros!

Round-trip flights from North America are frequently available for less than $800.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden

Stockholm is one of the cheapest airports to fly into in Europe if you’re arriving from North America, with round-trip tickets regularly available for less than $800. In the last few years, the airport’s passenger growth has boomed, thanks to routes to most major U.S. cities, firmly establishing Stockholm as a convenient gateway to the rest of Europe.

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Berlin is a great access point to the rest of Europe as there's plenty there to explore before you depart once again.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Berlin Tegel Airport, Germany

Intercontinental routes to and from major cities in North America, and of course a rich history, make Berlin a great access point to Europe. As a base for Germanwings and Air Berlin, from here you’ll be able to easily fly to other cheap European destinations.

Return trips usually cost between $700 and $900, so you’ll have plenty of funds leftover to explore the city with.

More than 20 million people pass through this airport every year.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Brussels Airport, Belgium

Brussels is served by most major European airlines – more than 20 million passengers pass through the airport each year — so the price of fares is kept low. This is also the hub of Brussels Airlines, which flies direct to New York — this return journey can be nabbed for as little as $600.

There are also routes to cities such as Atlanta, Houston and Toronto.

If you plan in advance, it's fairly easy to get round-trip flights for less than a grand.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport

Although there are far fewer direct flights into Budapest from North America than some of the other airports on this list, there are still plenty of great flight deals if you don’t mind stopping over in places like Moscow or Zurich. As long as you book a few weeks ahead of time, you shouldn’t have too much trouble scoring flights for $1,000 or less.

As an added bonus, Budapest is an incredibly affordable destination and a beautiful city to boot, so it makes a great place to kick off a European tour.

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The airport is well-connected to the city, making it easy to start your sight-seeing.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, France

One of the biggest and most well-connected airports in Europe, there is no shortage of competitive fares offered by airlines flying into Charles de Gaulle. The best prices are for flights into major cities such as New York, Chicago and Toronto, with return flights averaging around $900.

Conveniently, this airport is extremely well-connected to the city, so after landing you’ll be standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in no time at all. Plus, once you’ve arrived in Paris you’ll be able to fly directly to pretty much anywhere in Europe, or even Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Amsterdam has non-stop connections to destinations all over the continent.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands

Amsterdam consistently makes the list of cheapest places to fly into in Europe. As Europe’s fourth busiest airport and the hub of KLM Airlines, there are non-stop connections to intercontinental destinations to be had for rock bottom prices.

Fares in 2017 dipped even lower than in 2016, with an average of around $800 for flights across the Atlantic.

Copenhagen is the perfect hub for reaching other Nordic countries.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Copenhagen Airport, Denmark

With its colorful buildings and reputation for outstanding cuisine, you hardly need an excuse to fly into Copenhagen. Christmas in Copenhagen is a must-experience too, if you’re planning a trip over the holidays. The low cost of getting there is just another reason to add it to your must-visit list.

A return flight to New York, Chicago or Toronto costs around $700 per person.

As well as being a hub for Scandinavian Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia and Norwegian Air Shuttle also operate out of Copenhagen, making this the perfect gateway to the other Nordic countries.

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Frankfurt is a better choice than Berlin as it has more connections and offers cheaper airfare.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Frankfurt Airport, Germany

As the third busiest airport in Europe, Frankfurt is one of the most convenient to fly into. There are even more flights in and out of this airport than Berlin — there are connections from here to everywhere and it is surprisingly cheap to fly into.

Frankfurt is home to Lufthansa, whose flights cover the world. Trans-Atlantic flights average $900 so it’s a great place to enter Europe.

While there are plenty of things to do in Frankfurt, it’s not a major tourist hub, so you may want to take advantage of the onward flight connections and skip town to somewhere higher on your bucket list.

Flying into Milan is generally much cheaper than flying into Rome. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy

Milan has several direct flights to the United States, including to New York, Atlanta and Miami. Round-trips average around $850, which is generally cheaper than flying into Rome.

Milan is also a main transport hub for budget airline EasyJet, which can carry you onward to many European destinations. Plus, Milan is a great place from which to start exploring Northern Italy, including the magnificent Florence, classic Pisa and picturesque Cinque Terre.